The Best Tech Features for Increasing Agent Productivity & Retaining Top Talent

Brokers are bombarded with tech solutions that promise to be the game changer for their business.   But in reality, the only tech that matters is the kind that your agents will use, love, and make them more successful (which makes you more successful).   And trying to piece a bunch of different tools together, that don't naturally fit together, will likely never work.

In this document we are outlining the tech that truly matters for your business bottom line.  These 5 tech features will increase your agent productivity and make recruiting a breeze.

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You'll find out:

  • What tech features really make a difference for recruiting
  • The secret behind a successful broker tech strategy (refer to #5)
  • The right features to look for in every tech solution

-Brian, Independent Real Estate Broker

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Top 5 Tech Must-Haves for Brokers