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The Evaluation, Selection, and Rollout of the Foundational Technology That Powers Your Brokerage

We’ve collaborated with T3 Sixty—the leading real estate technology consulting company—to produce this critical, 3-part guide to help your real estate brokerage in one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business leader: the evaluation, selection, and rollout of the foundational technology that powers your brokerage.

This study focuses on three essential topics:

  • PART 1:
    Recommendations for brokerages on how to engage in evaluating new technology, and selecting a key technology partner

  • PART 2:
    How brokerages can successfully implement new technology, launch it, then train agents and teams to use it to drive results in their business

  • PART 3:
    How to make technology part of your DNA and drive ongoing adoption and engagement for long-term success
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The success of your technology implementation is much more than choosing the right tech. Technology should no longer be a line item in your P&L, it should be a part of your DNA and your culture. Committing from the top down and engaging every layer in your organization will be critical to your future success. This three-part series is your guide to achieving this important milestone in your business.

Travis Saxton
EVP, Technology | T3 Sixty