The most compelling CMA & presentation solution

Win the listing, win the offer, and wow clients every time with kvCORE + CORE Present.

Create unique, big-picture pricing views

Work alongside buyers and sellers interactively and show them unique, big-picture pricing that combines multiple pricing perspectives in a single view. CORE Present combines over 20 pricing perspectives in one complete view so that you can dig into the trends that matter.

Never lose a deal because of pricing

Facilitate the most effective and compelling pricing discussions with a modern, interactive dashboard and a big-picture pricing view.

Paint the right picture with design styles tailored to your client. Prioritize the information in any order you choose to address what’s opportune now.

Tailor toward clients' unique circumstances

Create fully-branded presentations

Easily customize every element of your presentations. Stay on-brand with styling tools and guides that include templates, imagery and more.

Be a storyteller
Make a great impression
Showcase your brand

Win more listings and close more deals with CORE Present

CORE Present, built within kvCORE, helps you guide clients through an interactive and compelling pricing discussion. Using a single, intuitive tool, you can create an engaging CMA in under a minute or build a fully branded, customized presentation with real-time activity tracking to ensure you win the deal. 

Big picture
CORE Present

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Make changes on the go

Give clients a complete, guided experience interactively from wherever you are. Want to add another slide or include information about schools in the area? Everything about CORE Present is dynamic, so you can dig into the report with your clients and easily modify comps on the fly.

On-the-fly changes

Track consumer actions in real time

CORE Present drives action because it tracks precisely what consumers are viewing. Did they view the highest-priced comp on their street, or are they focused on average days on the market? See what matters most to the client and pinpoint your follow-ups to seal the deal.

Real-time tracking
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CORE Present is part of kvCORE, the #1 rated real estate platform. Drive top-to-bottom results with the most comprehensive technology solution in the industry. kvCORE enables you with not just CORE Present but also…

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See it in action

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