Brokermint and kvCORE have a new integration, and it’s the powerful pairing your whole business will love.

When the industry-leading back office solution, integrates with the #1 user-rated lead generation and lead management tools from kvCORE, you can deliver a seamless experience for your clients and your team.

Get accurate contact information, a clear view of every lead lifecycle, streamlined reporting to see gaps and opportunities, faster commission payments and happier employees.

Front and back-office communication empowers agents, brokers, and teams with meaningful data:

  • Agents can see their commission goals and status.
  • Brokers can see active opportunities in the pipeline and monthly projections.
  • Transaction coordinators can see the status of every active and closed deal.
  • Accounting managers get a bird’s eye view into the entire operation.
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kvCORE + Brokermint