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"We needed a complete solution that is intelligent, automated and customizable to the team's’ needs. For me, the biggest game-changer that helps grow my business is the ability to see my entire business at a glance. With kvCORE's business analytics I can now quickly see how my company is doing from a high level, by office, team, or individual agent.

I’ve been partnered with Inside Real Estate for the over past three years because they truly understand how to automate my life and help me drive profitable growth in my business."

Ron Snow - Broker/Owner

150 Agents  |  7 Offices  |  $412M 2016 Revenue

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Agents & Teams LOVE our lead-gen tools!  We've combined the power of our proven lead-generation tools together with even more features to pump-up and empower your online lead-gen, prospecting, Sphere of Influence (SOI) and even networking efforts.  Now you can drive more business than ever before!


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The first completely scalable, all-inclusive, 
real estate platform for modern brokerages & teams

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*In order to qualify for the $0 setup instead of the $1,500 setup on your new account the offer must be approved and agreed in writing with a new Customer Subscription Agreement before Friday, February 9, 2018. Offer cannot be combined with any of promotional offer. Other terms and conditions may apply.

The kvCORE Platform is the next generation solution for modern brokerages, agents, and teams to run your entire business on one platform. With kvCORE you'll have all the toolsets you need to put your business' growth on autopilot with the only platform that powers your entire business including:

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Inside Real Estate Acquires Circlepix

"Circlepix has sold everything. They operated an extensive network of photographers that they sold to VHT Studios in January. Now they have sold the rest of their company to Inside Real Estate. If you have not followed..." Read More

The Keyes Company Announces Partnership with Inside Real Estate

"The Keyes Company has announced a new partnership with Inside Real Estate to launch their integrated technology solution, kvCORE Platform, to more than 3,000 sales associates in Keyes' family of companies." Read More

The One Platform Brokerages Need to Thrive in the Digital Age

"Brokerages face a firing line of technology heading into 2018. Many have to cobble together systems from different eras that integrate with each other to varying degrees. It’s an unsustainable situation that intensifies as the..." Read More

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The broadest set of integrated and simple-to-use Lead-Generation tools available. Get it all, from Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and Listing Videos to Text Codes, QR Codes, and Postcards.

Your website is the face of your online presence and is vital to much of your success. Our customizable websites continually drive high quality leads into your pipeline. Make a bigger impact in your market with branded websites and IDX.

You CRM shouldn't just be smart, it should be your highest value 'employee'. We've setup smart CRM to do all the things you would want your smartest employee to do.

Listings have generally been viewed as a front-facing customer feature for platforms. We've taken it a step further and thrown it on the dashboard to allow the listings to take full advantage of our Smart CRM as well.

Bring together the best of your marketing, nurturing, and communication activity to the industry's best Transaction Management solutions integrated seamlessly with kvCORE.

Drive intelligent lead follow-up, getting up to 10X higher response from leads. It is similarly effective for automating follow-up with Sphere of Influence, Prospecting and Networking lists.

True business intelligence taken automatically from lead/agent activity, and transaction integrations that enlightens your business. Reports allow insight into traffic, marketing, lead generation, behavior, agent accountability, profitability and more.

Let Inside Real Estate vet, approve and hunt down the best partner-level pricing for you and your agents and enjoy seamless and deep integrations with the click of a button. 

"Agents have an empowered business model where we have invested in them. They are able to use this to drum up as much business as they can. Here's the car. Fill it with gas."

"This system allows us to manage our leads in a way that none of the other vendors do. We can connect with a potential client at their greatest point of engagement. If agents use the system the way it was designed, they will be successful."

"The Smart CRM is so smart. It watches people interacting on the website and then texts and emails them and it makes me look really tuned in. It gets them engaged."

My agents love the mobile app. It mimics the desktops best features really well. You can be in line at the coffee shop and easily make all of those crucial calls.

—Ernest Enriquez, Owner/Team Lead at Elite Home Team

—Charles Robbins, Agent and Trainer at Acre Realty

—Frank Wentz, IT Coordinator at RE/MAX Advantage Plus

—Jeff Russell, Broker/Manager at Russell Realty

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